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Welcome to Lansdowne Cleaners.  We are a quality and service oriented dry cleaners conveniently located in the Lansdowne Town Center.  We offer comprehensive services like:  Eco-friendly dry cleaning, mechanized shirt pressing, delicate care processing, wash and fold laundry, professional alterations, rug cleaning, leather cleaning, fur cleaning, suede cleaning, ugg shoe restoration, wedding gown cleaning/preservation and quality shoe and leather repair cleaning.  Delivery/pick up service can also be available (call or email us for more information) and same day service is also available Monday-Friday.  If you can bring in your items before 9 am and request same day service, your items will be ready for pick up after 3:00!   Pick up and delivery is also available.  $50 minimum charge or $5 fee will be added for fuel surcharge.  Pick up is usually done within 24 hours and brought back in less than 3 days if needed.  Message us for more information or request on our page here.  


Our dry cleaning is done by our processing facility in Herndon by trained and experienced staff with over 75 combined years of experience (cleaning and restoring over 3 million garments) and using eco-friendly solvents to help keep the environment clean and process your garments with care and attention to detail. 


Do you host large family gatherings and use table linens?  After your done, bring in your linens to get professionally treated and pressed to be ready for your next gathering!  From soft synthetic fibers to starching white table linens, we have the right solution for you. 


We start by pre-treating every collar and double cuff shirt then wash them in a top grade commercial enzyme detergent with a 3 bath cycle to ensure a clean process (food, grease, ink, and wine stains may sometimes require dry cleaning as some stains are not water soluble, please let us know up front if you are aware of these marks before we check you in).  Once the wash cycle is finished, we then press your shirts using a top ranked mechanized finishing machine while your shirts are still wet to give you best possible finish.  Additional services like creasing your sleeves or adding a collar booster to keep the shape of your shirt collar is also available upon request.  


We've used the same trusted partner for over 10 years providing top notch leather,suede, fur and shearling care.  Processing times are generally 2-4 weeks and we call you when your items have returned.  Ugg restoration is one of the specialties that have made them famous. 


We also do leather purse restoration on site using quality cleaning and reconditioning products by hand.   


We have an excellent seamstress that can provide you with the perfect fit and also repair major and minor marks that require mending.  From tailoring your suit jacket, basic and delicate hem jobs, along with patching holes, waist adjustments, we have the fix and processes to get you that "bespoke" fit.  Fittings can be done by our experienced staff from open to close.  Just bring the shoes you will be wearing with the items that need adjusting. 


Have a wedding coming up?  Come by and get your dress altered in quicker time and less cost than a traditional bridal shop.  With resale bridal gowns becoming popular we can alter, clean or just steam your gown before the event without having to drive far!  Our experienced staff is here to help.  


We have a long time partner that does shoe repair like heels, leather/rubber soles , Loubutin red ruber resoling, super prime leather soles, polishing, certain luggage repairs for comparable prices.  Process takes about a week.  

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