New Customer Special:
20% off dry cleaning and $1.85 Men's Shirts
*In store only, not applicable to pick up and delivery.

Free pick up/delivery inside 15 miles of 20176


BIG MOVE PLANNED AND APPROVED!!!  We will be staying in the center, moving our store directly across the lawn from our current location by the end of this year, 19316 Town Green Drive, Leesburg VA 20176.  Bigger space to provide a larger open welcome area, expanded fitting studio/tailoring area.  Other improvements to be shown and explained on our Facebook page in the coming weeks.  Please like us on FB and follow our progress! 

Covid Update:  Is your cleaners operating at shorter hours and longer wait times for your cleaning to be ready?  We are still open from 7am to 7pm Monday-Friday, 8-5pm Saturday and process every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Same day service is in by 9am and back by 4pm on request.   Special requests are also welcome.  Additional charges may apply for expedited, special request days outside our standard days) so you can plan accordingly.  Pick up and delivery is also available at times convenient to you (at no additional charge!).  Text us with questions or requests for expedited response to 703-298-5579.    Welcome to a better way to dryclean/launder and refinish your wardrobe.  Our boutique is clean, climate controlled, and customer service oriented.  For those that live to far to enjoy, we come to you, at your convenience by picking up and delivering in a timely manner.  We offer a full range of cleaning and refinishing (pressing/steaming) of just about anything.  We also offer custom tailoring services (in home/in store), welcome unique sewing projects (pillow shams, drapery, table dressing, items for pets), discounted custom clothing from a local Tier 1 tailor Davelle Clothiers, professional shoe repair and hand cleaning rugs of all sizes. 

Our store hours and location:

Monday-Friday: 7:00-7:00pm

Saturday 8:00-5:00pm. 

19401 Promenade Drive, Leesburg, VA.  

Pick up and delivery service within 15 miles of 20176 (Large orders considered if you are outside the 15 mile offering) message/call us for more infomation) for those that prefer to keep it safe.  You can simply text us @ 703.298.5579 or email your request Lansdownecleaners20176@gmail.com.  Pick up can be arranged within 24 hours and delivery back in about a week or less depending on when your clothes are picked up.  Laundry bags and a door hook will also be provided for contactless service!  Keep it safe and thank you for supporting our buisness!! 


Tailoring & Alterations:  In home or at the store.  Taking in and letting out suit jackets, sleeve adjustments, waist adjustments, tapering legs, and basic hem finishing on pants.  We can also take in dresses, blouses, dress shirts, adjust sleeves on just about anything!  We can also hem jeans and re-attach the bottom for a seamless look.  We can also patch and repair minor flaws and also offer re-weaving.  Done professionally by experienced staff.  In home fittings are also available! 



We are committed to the environment:

• No use of harmful toxic chemicals
• Safe for you and your family
• Safe for the environment

• EPA approved

• Only non-toxic substances such as water,

  biodegradable soap and steam are used
• Garments look cleaner, last longer,

  feel softer, look brighter and smell fresher

• No allergic reactions

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