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Combining over 50 years of experience in textile restoration and quality dry cleaning services, we are committed to provide top customer service along with unrivaled cleaning, finishing and alterations for the Northern Virginia area.  We also have established a lasting partnership with Davelle Clothiers to provide custom made, extremely unique clothing to update your wardrobe.

Environmentally friendly dry cleaning services.  We care about the environment and do our best to be green.  By using safe dry cleaning solvents made of sand and silicone, every drop is safe for the environment and allows for less allergic reactions for the skin.  On the water side, we use top rated enzyme detergents that are environment friendly and very effective in cleaning your garments that require water instead of solvents. 

We’re part of the community. As the first dry cleaners in Lansdowne, we strive to help the community and give back when we can.  We appreciate the business we receive from our community and we will always do what we can to support.

Free pick-up and delivery available.  Are your hands tied and you can't make it in?  Give us a call or write us an email!  We provide the bags to fill and even the hanger for your front door to hold up to 20lbs of your dry cleaning!  We can pick up and deliver within a few days and at a lower cost than other providers in the area.  If you're out in a more rural area but still need a trusted dry cleaner, reach out to us!  We're happy to help.  

Check out our Facebook page for more information, pics of out store and services and in store promotions.  

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